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Fill I did for a prompt on the <lj user="glee_fluff_meme"> a few months ago.

Prompt: Based on a conversation I had with cracon:

It's a well kept secret that Santana is actually a domestic goddess at home. She has skills in cooking, cleaning, and you guessed it - sewing. Brittany is aware of this but isn't allowed to tell anyone.

One of the Glee club finds out. MAKE IT HAPPEN. <3

(I'd prefer if there weren't pairings, just amusing Santana fluff. But if you must, Santana/Brittany would be nice)

Puck sighed loudly, throwing yet another shirt across the already messy room. He knew it was here somewhere. He'd had it just an hour ago.

"Come on, come on. Where is it," he muttered, rifling through more clothes on his bed.

Frustrated, he stopped searching and stood still. When had he had it today...

He'd texted Finn that morning asking him if he needed a ride to school. He played that stupid demo game during second period math. He remembered jokingly sending Rachel a sext during fifth period, to which she replied that if he ever tried sexting her again, she would 'make sure he lost all ability and will to ever sext again'.

Whatever that was supposed to mean.

And finally in glee, Santana had asked to use his phone because she didn't have service (and by 'asked' he means 'threatened to cut off a special appendage in his nether regions' after he'd said no).

Boy was she in a bad mood today.

Which is why he groaned and flopped onto his messy bed when he realized he'd have to go over there to retrieve his brand new iPhone.

Sighing, he found a pair of worn Converse and slipped them on, threw on a hoodie and grabbed his keys (after sifting through more clothes. He really needed to clean his room).

Running downstairs, he rushed past the kitchen on his way out. "I'm going over to Santana's. Gotta get something from her," he called out to his mom who was chopping brocolli or lettuce (some green vegetable) on the kitchen counter.

"All right, Noah. Don't take too long."

'Kay," he called back before he was out the door.

He pulled his sweater tighter around his body as he briskly walked down the street. The sun was on its way down making the temperature much colder than it'd felt earlier that day. As another strong breeze chilled him to the bone, he was grateful Santana's house was so close.

Not even ten minutes later, he was walking up the stone walk way to her large front door. Ringing the doorbell, he could hear sounds coming form inside. It sounded busy and he began to wonder if maybe he should've called first.

Before he could sneak away, the door swung open to reveal a tired looking woman. She still had her work clothes on, minus the shoes and her hair was slightly disheveled. But the smile she wore was warm and welcoming.

"Noah, what a surprise. How are you?"

Puck smiled back. "I'm fine, Mrs. Lopez, how are you?"

She rolled her eyes playfully. "Tired. These kids never stop, you know? I assume you're looking for Santana..."

He nodded, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "Yeah, she has something of mine that I kinda need back."

Mrs. Lopez opened the door even wider. "Well, come inside, make yourself comfortable. Santana's running around right now, but give her a few minutes and she'll be down."

"I can come back another time, if that's okay..." No, he couldn't. He needed his iPhone and he needed it now. But he wasn't one to forget manners when it came to parents.

"Nonsense, it won't be long. Just make yourself at home," she said, walking him to the living room.

"Puck!" He turned just in time to see someone rushing at him.

"Nina, be careful," Mrs. Lopez chastised.

"No, it's cool, Mrs. Lopez. What's up, Nina," he asked, hugging the eight year old and letting her sit next to him on the leather sofa. The flat screen TV on the wall across from them was on Disney Channel and he resisted the urge to reach for the remote and tune into the Lakers game.

"Nothin' much," the little girl said, kicking her short legs. "I'm helping San make dinner, but she's upstairs right now, so I'm taking a break."

Puck chuckled, watching as Miley Cyrus walked across the television screen, wearing a blonde wig and too much makeup and making some kind of weird face. What was the name of this show again... "And by helping, do you mean she's making you do most of the work," he teased, poking her in the side.

She giggled. "Nooo," she grinned. "All I did was put the tomato sauce where she told me to put it. And even when I did that, she fixed it after." Nina frowned for a second before recovering. "San did most of it though."

Puck's eyebrows rose. I didn't know Santana could cook...

"Hmm, that's interesting. Well, where is she now," he asked, glacing around.

Nina shrugged, eyes glued to the tv. "I dunno. I think she was doing some laundry. Alec wet the bed again last night and I need some more clean underwear."

Puck's nose wrinkled, for different reasons. "Too much info, Nina." She does laundry too?

The girl shrugged, not paying attention to him anymore. "Sorry."

The two sat watching the TV, Puck barely paying attention as a music video for some random Hispanic girl came on. Hmm, actually, she was really pretty. Long, dark hair. Nice face. But a little too innocent looking for Puck's taste.

"NINA! Did the timer go off yet?" Puck's thoughts were broken as Santana's voice came loud and clear from upstairs.

Nina jumped up. "I don't think so. Lemme go check," she shouted back, running off into the kitchen. Puck sighed, stretching his arms back, smirking as he saw Santana coming down the stairs, a large basket filled with clothes and sheets underneath her left arm.

"Great. Laundry's done. Now I have to finish dinner and get to sewing the emblem back on Nina's uniform. Not to mention that stupid tear in my cheerleading uniform. Uh, how the hell did it manage to get caught on that fence? Nina, is it time yet?"

Puck's smirk grew as he watched Santana walk right past him, not even noticing him on the sofa.

"Nina, I told you to watch it. Now the top layer's burned. What were you doing?"

He heard some clattering and assumed Santana was trying to save whatever it was that they were cooking. "I was in the living room with Puck."

BANG! "Puck? What's Puck doing here? I never saw him."

Nina giggled. "He's in the living room, San. What do you want me to do with the pan?"

Puck looked over to see Santana's head stick out of the entrance to the kitchen, her face stunned. "Don't touch it, it's hot. Leave it for now," she said, walking over to him. "What are you doing here?"

He cocked his head, taking in her appearance. Her hair was tied back in a messy bun, strands flying all over the place. She had on sporty looking shorts, plain white tank top and striped socks.

And the thought of her being all domestic was kind of hot...

"You cook dinner," he asked simply.

She sighed, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. "Yes. Almost every night for the past month or so. Mom's been working on a really important project at work and usually doesn't get home until late."

He shifted, crossing his right leg over his left knee. "She was here tonight."

"You caught on her a good night. She got home early."

He smirked again, leaning back. "And you do laundry?"

Santana rolled her eyes. "Yes, Puck. I wash clothes. As should every human being."

"And you sew?"

Her full lips pursed and she crossed her arms. "What? You're acting like it's not normal or something."

He chuckled. "It's not normal, Santana. Not for you. How many people know about this awesome alter ego of yours anyway?

She sighed. "Brittany knows," she muttered. "Why are you here, Puck? I have to finish dinner so I can get Alec and Nina ready for bed and finally get to finishing my homework. You're wasting my time."

He stood, smirk still on his lips. He walked towards her until they were about three feet apart.

"My phone?" He held his hand out.

"Shit. That's what my mom was talking about. Hold on, let me get it for you real quick-"

He put a hand on her arm before she could move. "Don't bother. Seems like you have a lot of stuff to do. I'll get it. S'not like I don't know where your room is," he said teasingly, though his smile was warm.

She smiled back. "Thanks, Puck. It should be the nightstand next to my bed. Get the phone and don't even think about going through any of my things." She smirked before turning and making her way back into the kitchen. "All right, Nina. You gotta help me take off the top layer. The rest should be fine..."

Puck laughed to himself as he climbed the carpeted stairs, going two at a time. Who would've known. Santana being all motherly. Cooking, sewing, talking care of her family. It was nice knowing she wasn't a total bitch all the time.

He opened the white door, turning the golden knob. He noted how clean her room was, everything on her dresser placed neatly, all her clothes either folded in neat piles or hanging in the closet. The beige carpet must've been vacuumed recently and the bed was perfectly made, burgandy and gold comforter hanging evenly on both sides, both pillows perfectly fluffed and set side by side. He'd never noticed just how clean Santana kept things before today.

He laughed out loud.

Bounding down the stairs, he stuffed the new gadget into his pocket, after checking to make sure everything was intact. He passed the kitchen on his way to the front door, peeking inside.

Alec and Nina sat side by side at the dining table, plates and silverware in front of them. Santana was walking towards the table, a lasagna dish in her mitt covered hands. She smiled as Alec banging his fork on the table, impatiently waiting for her to dish out his dinner.

Puck smiled as he let himself out. As sweet as it was, he knew all of this would great information for blackmail. But why would he need to blackmail her...

An evil grin spread across his face as he turned the corner, his house slowly coming into view. His mom had been bothering about cleaning his room for weeks now. And Santana seemed to be pretty good at the whole being organized thing.

If only he'd had his phone the entire time. He was going to need more than just words to be able to use this against her.

Because, really. Who would believe that Santana, new head captain of the Cheerios and HBIC was secretly Super Nanny?
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